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Pops Bugger

Pops Bugger

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Sometimes it is the introduction of a new material that allows the creation of a newer pattern, in this case a new bugger. Pops has been tying these color variations for about three years, ever since the advent of Palmer Chenille, a flashy yet one–sided synthetic hackle. It gave these flies tremendous durability, sheen and flash. It is a double whopper with fries for stockers, yet is buggy enough that it seduces tougher lake pigs. But this pattern might have languished in regional obscurity around the lakes of Pagosa Springs, except for a fishing tournament. Numerous competitive fishermen descended on the area from afar as PA, OR, UT and of course Pops' "Let it Fly" shop. Several of the venues were lake sessions, and some of the members of Team USA bought a couple of the new buggers to try. The results: they worked so well in competition that the contestants returned home with every single Pops Bugger the shop had. Pops was cleaned out. His favorites: the two original colors of Copper/Black and the Olive/Black. The Purple color is prime for low light and after ice out in the Spring. The Pearl/Grizzly fishes very well as a minnow imitation.
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