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Dancin' Ricky

Dancin' Ricky

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"Stylistically this fly has a number of traits that I tend to incorporate in my foam dry flies while maintaining that simple, low riding, hopper/stone style that I like.

The body and legs hang down in the water a bit and the wings and thorax stay afloat. I like flies that fish can get a good look at, thus some of my low–riding foam patterns. It's got loads of potential for practically endless color combos.

I thought the best way to offer this fly is in 3 sizes, 6, 10, and 14, sort of a small, medium, and large. Dunk this fly in some Shimazaki dry–shake liquid and it'll float for hours.

The fly is named after my good friend and the fishiest guy I've ever met (don't tell him I said that), Rick. Apparently when he was in college and was drinking too much he also liked to dance while inebriated, so his nickname back then was Dancin' Rick, which a number of his present–day friends had never heard until recently."

- Signature Tyer Andrew Grillos

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