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Umpqua Feather Merchants

Carl's Foam Flying Ant

Carl's Foam Flying Ant

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When one has rowed a boat for over twenty years, then had to re–tie flies at night, as has Boomer, a theme emerges to the creations from his vise: quick and relatively simple to tie, yet they must be "money" flies. Clients dislike fishless hours sitting in the bow. So, it is not just this humble new ant, but also two more flies below, that exhibit the synergy of fast, economical and deadly, exactly what a famous fishing guide demands. Let's start with the ant. Big carpenter ants are found throughout the country, but they are especially important on the Green from mid–April through June. Thousands of ants get blown on–stream from the Ponderosas and downed timber along its banks. This results in a banquet for the trout, which can, when encountering so many naturals, become very selective to artificials. But not to this one. It has been delivering hook–ups for clients for over ten years, and out–fishing many jazzier imitations for equally long. – Great silhouette on the water with its black foam and hackle wings – Hi–Vis foam since ants can be tough to see, especially from a drift boat, looking into shadows or dark banks. And the gentle sipping rises also become easier to detect.

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