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Hareline Dubbin, Inc.

Griffin Montana Mongoose Vise

Griffin Montana Mongoose Vise

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Griffin’s advanced fly tying vise technology and an affordable price makes the Montana Mongoose Fly Tying Vise a standout. With features to suit both professional and amateur fly tiers, the Mongoose offers a lifetime of flawless performance and durability. The aluminium c-clamp (included along with pedestal base), provides the highest level of positive gripping, unequaled among fly tying vises. Combine this with superior quality heat-treated steel and stainless steel cam jaws and the super hook holding power that Griffin's vises are famous, you got a top quality vise. A rotating lock screw and the fine tension screw allows complete resistance control while rotating. The delrin block is one of the smoothest bearing material available. The cam lever can be locked in a forward or backward position, allowing more clearance while tying. The sleek, agile design of the MT Mongoose ensures a comfortable hand position while tying. 360 true rotation. Tempered steel jaws will securely grip hooks sizes from 4/0 to 28. The MT Mongoose comes complete with: C-Clamp, Pedestal, Bobbin Cradle, Material Clip, Supreme Bobbin, Hackle Gauge, and deluxe carrying case.

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