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Aqua Flies

Aqua flies Un-Real Jungle Cock

Aqua flies Un-Real Jungle Cock

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The Aqua Flies Un-Real Jungle Cock is like no other synthetic Jungle Cock product on the market. The likeness of each size of the Un-Real Jungle Cock is meticulously color corrected to bring the fly tyer the most accurate synthetic feather. The Un-Real Jungle Cock is then printed on a waterproof paper that is super tough but still has some flexibility and movement in the water. Printed on a white background, the fly tyer can use a permanent marker on the back and edges and create a natural look or a color accented look to the Un-Real Jungle Cock. The Un-Real Jungle Cock comes on sheets with a variety of sizes on each sheet, just as if you were selecting a feather from a real cape.
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